They are also a valued social event for the people who enjoy attending them, whether they are directly involved with the cause or charity, or simply people from the community who like going to and participating in these events. Whatever the reason, you can bring a much more successful outcome to your live or silent auction through the use of a Cash Call, also called the Special Appeal, Fund-A-Need, Emotional Appeal, Bid for a Cause, or Bid for a Cure.

The Cash Call is part of the evening’s agenda, which cheap silent auction ideas is separate from the live or silent auction, but which is aiming to raise money for the same cause. It is a very common event that attendees will often expect. The way it works is that someone from the organization that is doing the fund raising will make an impassioned appeal to the audience members for direct donations. When done correctly, a Cash Call can in fact, bring in as much or more money than your live or silent auction.

Most professional auctioneers will be very familiar with the Cash Call, so they are an excellent resource to use to keep the energy levels up, and to keep referring back to this special appeal. While doing this, they can solicit further engagement from the audience members who may be actively bidding on items. Should an audience member not win an item, they may choose to donate the money they would’ve spent on it directly instead. Professional auctioneers are extremely adept at engaging the audience and keeping events moving along smoothly, and injecting fun, humor, and structure into your auction.

So the next time you’re raising money for a worthy cause, be sure to include a Cash Call in addition to your live and silent auction events, and watch the tally grow.